Lintong Motorsports was founded to aid the Motorsports industry in sourcing high quality parts in China. We are boutique sourcing company located in the city of Yiwu, within the Zhejian Province. Lintong Motorports is a small group of seasoned professionals provided outstanding customer support and follow up. Our relationship with our customers is excellent and we do not wish to be as everything to everyone. We specialize in helping small manufactures, engine builders, tuners, restoration shops, collision/repair shop and kit car companies source products. Whether you are an exhaust manufacturing interested in buying bent 304 stainless-steel tubing or muffler hangers we can help you.

Whether you a first-time purchaser or have many years’ experience sourcing product from the Orient. Let’s us help remove the apprehension and fear you might have doing business in China. We have all heard the rumors about doing business in Orient. Chinese make inferior products; you get what you paid for. You have to buy thousands of units to get a good price. Importing products into the USA is a night mare. You are going to get ripped off! Chinese business owners abuse child labor laws.

The fact of the matter is these things can happen in any country in the world. Lintong Motorports works only with repeatable manufactures and warehouse distributor’s. We have been sourcing products for many years and use that experience to help remove the stress from doing business in the Orient.